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Jam in the Park
16th of July 2023

Jam in the Park is a fundraising event in aid of Twang Music Foundation where

local musicians of all ages and abilities quite literally Jam in the Park!

Our events are held on the third Sunday of each month at Homestead Cafe in Beckenham Place Park,

our next one will take place on the 19th of May  2024.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and especially those who helped to organise and set up all the equipment on the day. 


Rory showed off his many talents singing and playing the guitar. He also had everyone thoroughly entertained and delighted with his Michael Jackson dance while singing Billie Jean! It was one of the many highlights of the afternoon.


 The guys from the Brit School played two wonderful sets and also supported other musicians who came forward to sing and play.


All afternoon there was a mixture of musicians of all ages jamming together and having fun!


Bella has a lovely singing voice and actively participated in several of the jams. She performed several songs on her own and encouraged several other musicians to get up and sing. Here she is singing with Dalia, a member of the Twang Music Foundation Choir at Alexandra School. Singing together with others in front of an appreciative audience can be such a joyous and rewarding experience, especially for young musicians like Dalia. 


When this lovely lady stepped up to the mic she surprised us all with the gift of not just one, but two exceptionally beautiful songs. With such grace and confidence, she captured the attention of the audience from the very first note. Every lyric she sang was delivered with impeccable control and a depth of expression that left listeners enthralled and enchanted. We sincerely hope she will come and perform again at some of our future events.


Our student Nathaniel played a couple of solo guitar pieces. He is also a wonderful piano player too, which we only found out when he rocked up and played during the interval of our Academy student recital. So many hidden talents amongst our students!


Our Jam in the Park events are designed to bring people of all ages together for a delightful and joyous experience. It warms our hearts to see parents and children joining in the fun, singing together and creating beautiful musical moments that will be cherished forever.


Dominique, who is known to us as Prashant's piano student, astounded us all with an unexpected surprise - her beautifully soulful voice. She captivated everyone in the square, showcasing a side of her musical abilities that had remained largely hidden until now. As Dominique continues to grow and explore her musical identity, we eagerly await her future performances, anticipating the magic she will undoubtedly create with her piano skills and her lovely soulful voice.


Prashant accompanied Dominique on the piano. He is such a gifted tutor and we are very lucky to have him teach at our Academy. He's a big fan of jazz and when he practices, his delightful music wafts through the shop and It feels like we are sitting in a jazz club!


It fills us with immense pride to witness Alison, one of our former students from the Twang Music Academy, grace us with a captivating performance on this beautiful, sunny afternoon.


Let us introduce Nichole Eleri Farah, a talented local musician whose beautiful original songs and incredibly sweet voice has left us all in awe. Her songs are a testament to her creativity and ability to craft deeply emotive and relatable lyrics.

Nichole's musical artistry is a true marvel, captivating audiences with her soulful compositions and enchanting vocal abilities. She weaves melodies that are both mesmerizing and heartfelt. Her voice is both powerful and delicate and capable of expressing vulnerability and strength in equal measure.

William, one of our Academy students was a bit nervous at first, but put on a splendid performance accompanied by Elliot on the drums.


Elliott's drumming is truly remarkable, his playing on and off all afternoon showcased his exceptional talents and dedication to music.


The Brit School, known for nurturing and fostering artistic excellence, has provided Elliott and the other members of the band the perfect platform to expand and refine their musical abilities. We wish them every success in all their future musical aspirations.


Campbell, is a student of Twang Music Academy and the Brit School. He possesses a remarkable talent for playing the bass guitar. Campbell's passion for music shines through in every note he plays. His dedication to his instrument and the art of bass playing has paid off in incredible ways. Campbell's musical journey has transformed him into a standout bass player, ready to make a huge mark in the music industry.

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