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Our Mission

At Twang Music Foundation, our goal is to prevent financial hardship being a barrier into private music tuition.


Every penny you donate helps us provide the opportunity for economically disadvantaged children up to the age of 18, the gift of music lessons and an instrument for them to learn on. 

ABRSM's research project showed that:

  • "Almost 30% of children... who have never played an instrument, identified the financial expense of learning as a barrier,"

  • "40% of children from DE social grades said they had no opportunity to learn at school,"

  • "Cost (a factor also identified by teachers as a barrier) is clearly a disincentive to instrumental learning."

Via our Twang Music Academy, our experienced teachers can teach our children how to play, and provide them with an instrument of their choice. 

How we are going to achieve this:

We have since started working with Alexandra School to identify those students which would benefit from our charitable scheme.  These students would be offered tuition in various instruments and the instruments would be provided by Twang Music Foundation. 

Our charitable company model is straightforward and functions in much the same way as our current music academy business - Twang Music Academy. The main difference is that funding for lessons will be sought from charitable monetary and instrumental donations, grants and fundraising events, such as musical performances/recitals from our students and other musicians, as well as merchandising and sponsored events. Most of the charity revenue will be spent on tuition fees paid to teachers.

In the first instance, these students will be offered tuition in guitar, singing, violin, ukulele, recorder, mandolin, Apple Logic Pro X recording software and music theory. Musical instrument and Apple Logic Pro X tuition can be taught as a series of workshops and one to one lessons, where we can record students' music. So that students can practise at home, where necessary, the charity will provide them with a suitable musical instrument. These instruments will include guitar, violin, ukulele, mandolin & recorder.

If you are interested in donating, click here

If you had an instrument you would like to donate to Twang Music Foundation, please email us at

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