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Our Teaching Rooms

We have [insert number] fully equipped teaching rooms, each of which have various teaching instruments and equipment in order to help our students get the most out of their musical tuition. Our recording facilities are for student use only. 

The Conservatoire

Our 'Conservatoire' room proudly features professional grade recording equipment. In this room our vocal and music production students who may want to learn how to use Logic Pro X. In addition, we have a microphone which means professional studio grade recording can be done in this room. We can also teach a wide variety of other instrumental lessons in here, as this room is equipped with amplifiers, a keyboard and we have specific instruments dedicated to instrumental teaching available in here. 

The Bassment

Our 'Bassment' room is spacious and has a state of the art upright piano. This room can also be used as a band music live room, boasting an acoustic drum kit and all relevant equipment needed for a band set-up. This room is where we keep the majority of our teaching instruments, making it suitable for a wide variety of instrumental teaching to take place. 

Teaching Room 1

Teaching Room 1 has ...

Teaching Room 2

Teaching Room 2 has ...

Teaching rooms are allocated depending on availability, instrumental needs and students' and teachers' individual needs. 

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